10 Years Investor Visa in Oman

10 Years Investor Visa in Oman

The program, launched by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotions (MOCIIP) in September 2021, aims to attract foreign investment to Oman and boost economic growth. It offers long-term renewable residence permits, known as "Golden Visas," to investors who meet certain investment criteria.

Under the program, investors can apply for a five-year residency permit by investing a minimum of OMR 250,000 in a business or real estate in Oman. Alternatively, investors can apply for a 10-year residency permit by investing a minimum of OMR 500,000 in a business or real estate in Oman.

The program is open to both individuals and businesses, and the residency permits are renewable. Golden Visa holders will have the right to reside in Oman, work and invest in the country, and sponsor their family members for residency.



Invest a minimum of OMR 500,000 in a limited liability company or in a closed joint-stock company (either must be Omani-based) or in Omani governmental bonds.

Establish a company in Oman that employs at least 50 Omani nationals (with no minimum investment threshold requirement).

Purchase a property (or several fully constructed housing units) with a minimum value of OMR 500,000.

Own a public/closed joint-stock or any other company or its shares with a market value of not less than OMR 500,000.

Once you've met one of these investment requirements, you can start the application process for the 10-year investor visa in Oman. Here's a step-by-step guide to the application process:


Prepare all the necessary documents

You'll need to gather all the required documents, which include:

  • A valid passport
  • Proof of investment, such as a copy of the share certificate or ownership certificate of the company, or the deed to the property
  • Proof of employment of at least 50 Omani nationals, in case you're establishing a company in Oman
  • Proof of your financial stability, such as bank statements or tax returns
  • A medical report and a police clearance certificate
  • Two passport-size photos
  • Step 2: Submit your application

You can submit your application for the 10-year investor visa at the MOCI in Oman. You'll need to pay a fee of OMR 551 for the visa application.


Wait for the visa to be processed

The processing time for the 10-year investor visa in Oman can vary, but it typically takes between 10 days to 30 days. During this time, the authorities will review your application and conduct any necessary background checks.

Collect your visa

Once your visa is approved, you'll need to collect it from the Directorate General of Passport and Residence in Oman or at the MOCI.

It's important to note that the 10-year investor visa in Oman can be extended for an additional 10 years, provided that you continue to meet the investment requirements. Additionally, the visa allows you to enter and exit Oman without the need for a visa during the validity of the visa. You'll also be able to sponsor your family members for residency in Oman.


Retirement is an important phase in one's life that requires careful planning and preparation. For individuals who are considering retiring in Oman, there are certain requirements that must be met in order to qualify for a retiree visa.

Firstly, the applicant must be at least 60 years old when applying for the retiree visa. This age requirement ensures that the individual is truly at the retirement age and is no longer actively participating in the workforce.

Secondly, the applicant must provide proof of work in Oman with employment of not less than two years. This requirement ensures that the applicant has a substantial connection with Oman and has contributed to the country's economy during their working years.

Thirdly, the applicant must submit a personal account statement from a bank in Oman of not less than six months showing monthly income of at least OMR 4,000. This requirement ensures that the applicant has a stable financial situation and is capable of supporting themselves during their retirement years.

Oman 10 years of Investor Visa Benefits:

The Oman 10 Year Investor Visa offers several benefits for foreign investors who wish to reside and invest in Oman. Here are some details on the advantages of this visa:

  • Long-term Residency: The 10-year investor visa allows foreign investors to reside in Oman for an extended period, without the need for frequent visa renewals. This provides investors with the stability and security necessary to plan and execute long-term investment projects.
  • Family Residency: The visa permits the investor's first-degree family members to reside with them in Oman without any restrictions on the number of individuals. This means that the investor and their family can enjoy the benefits of living in Oman together.
  • Property Ownership: The investor can own a single property outside of ITC (Integrated Tourism Complex) projects for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes. They can also transfer this right to others. However, owning land in Oman is prohibited for non-Omanis.
  • Employment and Economic Activities: The investor can engage in economic activities and work in Oman, providing opportunities for investment and business growth. Additionally, they can employ up to three people for private/domestic work, which can be beneficial for managing their property or business in Oman.
  • Visitor Visas: The investor can issue visitor visas for their relatives, allowing them to visit Oman and enjoy the country's rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.
  • Expedited Processing: The investor's application for the visa receives expedited processing, allowing them to obtain their residency card and begin their investment activities in Oman sooner.
  • Priority Services: The investor can use the queues designated for Omanis at airports and other facilities. This means that they can access priority services and avoid long waiting times, which can be especially useful for frequent travelers.

Overall, the Oman 10 Years Investor Visa provides foreign investors with an excellent opportunity to invest in Oman and enjoy several benefits, including long-term residency, property ownership, employment opportunities, and expedited processing.


The introduction of the Oman Golden Visa is a positive development for foreign investors seeking residency in Oman. It offers a unique opportunity for investors to obtain a self-sponsored residence permit in Oman, which is not tied to their employment. This means that investors can enjoy greater freedom and flexibility in their stay in Oman, without the constraints of a work permit or employment contract.

One of the key advantages of the Oman Golden Visa is that it allows investors to make an investment in Oman and obtain a residence permit in return. This can be a significant benefit for investors who are looking to expand their business interests or explore new investment opportunities in Oman. Moreover, the residence permit can be extended to family members, making it a viable option for those seeking to relocate with their loved ones.

Feamish Business Solutions is a team of experienced professionals who can assist investors with their residency and citizenship by investment needs. They can help clients navigate the complex legal and regulatory requirements of obtaining a residency permit in Oman, and provide expert advice on the investment options available.

In conclusion, the Oman Golden Visa offers a unique opportunity for foreign investors to obtain a self-sponsored residency permit in Oman, which is not tied to their employment. It is a positive development that can facilitate greater business and investment opportunities in Oman, and Feamish Business Solutions is well-equipped to assist investors with their needs.

10 Years Golden Visa

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10 years Investor Visa has gained immense popularity among global investors seeking to expand their horizons and secure long-term residency in a foreign country. One of the most coveted options is the 10-Year Investor Visa program, which offers a range of advantages to qualified individuals and their families. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of the 10-Year Investor Visa, highlighting its benefits and shedding light on the opportunities it presents for those considering this path.

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