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As a part of Vision 2040, back in 2019, the government announced the Foreign Capital Investment Law (FCIL), in which the government started to allow foreign individuals to own up to a maximum of 70% of the shares held by their company, and the rest 30% should be held by a local citizen. Since it began to transform Oman's market in a positive way, and to and diversity Oman's market, the government now allows a Foreign Individual or a company to hold even 100% share hold. Foreign ownership of companies in Oman is regulated by the Foreign Capital Investment Law, which allows for up to 100% foreign ownership in certain sectors, subject to certain conditions and restrictions. The new Foreign Investment Law of January 2020, now allows 100% foreign ownership of LLC and introduced the One Person Company SPC

As the name implies, a "foreign ownership company" means a company that is owned by foreign nationalities, whether as sole owners, multiple owners, or even in partnership with Omani nationalities.

To set up a foreign-owned company in Oman, you will need to follow certain steps, including obtaining the necessary approvals from the government authorities, registering the company, obtaining the necessary permits and licenses, and complying with the relevant laws and regulations.

There are several advantages to setting up a foreign-owned company in Oman, including access to the local market, a favorable business environment, low taxes, and a strategic location in the Middle East. However, there are also some challenges and risks to consider, such as the need to navigate the local regulatory environment, cultural differences, and geopolitical risks.

If you are considering setting up a foreign-owned company in Oman, it is important to do your research, seek expert advice, and develop a detailed business plan that takes into account the specific opportunities and challenges of the local market.

There are different legal types of foreign ownership of companies that a foreign can own.

Legal types of Foreign Company

  1. Individual Company

An individual company is a micro company, which is solely owned by an individual without any partners, recently the government has restricted individual companies from migrating to LLC or SPC

  1. Limited liability company (LLC)

LLC is the most common legal type used by medium and large-scale companies, under which you should mandatory have more than 1 shareholder.

  1. Sole proprietor company (SPC)

SPC is the single-person company commonly used for a medium-sized company with just a single owner, the benefit of SPC over the individual company is we can migrate SPC Company to LLC without any hassle

  1. Branch Office

If you planning to expand your business to Oman, then you can go for the Branch office option, this still ll be LLC or SPC or Individual, the parent company ll be having certain share hold on this cbranch office in Oman.

The benefit of Foreign Ownership Company in Oman

  1. Can do almost all types of business without any restrictions
  2. Foreigners can get unlimited bank access and control on company bank account
  3. No need to depend on any PRO for government documentation
  4. Eligible for business partner visa in Oman
  5. Eligible for investor visa in Oman
  6. Eligible for golden visa in Oman
  7. Eligible for family visa

Establishing a foreign ownership company in Oman, or a Feamish, opens up new opportunities for international investors. However, the process can be intricate and demanding without proper guidance. Business Solutions can provide comprehensive assistance throughout the entire journey, from market analysis and legal compliance to company formation and ongoing operational support. With their expertise, you can navigate the complexities of the Omani business landscape and establish a successful foreign-owned company in Oman.

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At Feamish Business Solutions we take pride in offering comprehensive support for 100% Foreign Ownership. Our experienced team, streamlined processes, and commitment to your success set us apart. Whether you are a local entrepreneur or an international investor, we are your trusted partner in establishing all types of companies in Oman. Contact us today to embark on a seamless journey towards establishing your business in the vibrant Omani.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any Legal residence irrespective of their visa profession, or a foreign individual can form a company in Oman. The entire process can be done overseas. The documents required are just an individual’s passport and ID card (if they have one).

1- Application form filling 2- Signing on project description and article of association 3- Getting CR approval 4- Getting MOCCI 5- Arranging letterhead and stamp 6- Getting a company bank account 7- TAX and VAT registration 8- Getting office / shop / work space 8- Visa processing if required

As per the current scenario, there is no such Fund verification. But in the document, as per the grade of the company we have to mention cash capital ranging from 20,000-250,000. But that’ll be on a document only.

A passport is more than enough to establish your dream company in Oman, if you’re an Oman resident then ID card also.

No, Omani PRO is not mandatory. The government has made most of the government works Online, 70% of government works can be done online, and for the rest of all government works we can visit the Sanad office (government typing office). All sanad offices ll have an Omani PRO, whom we can hire on case to case basis.

Yes, Visa status doesn’t matter to hold CR. There is no limit for a person to open defferent CR

NOC rules have been scrapped by the government already

For an LLC company, there is no limit for adding partners

No, Office is not mandatory to get your CR. Office / Commercial space can possible to take after CR approval only

No, it’s not mandatory to take an investor visa to start a company in Oman, you can either stay on your current visa (primary visa or even a dependent visa) or even you can come to Oman on a visit visa or On- arrival visa (if you’re eligible).

Oman being a Gulf country taxing is very minimal, if you’re into a really small scale company then tax might be nil to 3%, if you’re a large scale company with a cash capital of 100,000 or above then might go up to 15%. Note: Please consult your tax consultant for more information, tax might vary based on a lot of other factors.